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HR and Finance Dual Internship Training Course

HR and Finance Dual Internship Training Course

Course Fee


Course Duration

4 Months


Monday to Friday 

Training Modes

Online & Classroom

Internship Detail: 

HR and Finance Dual Training Internship is Integrated Program course is first kind of course in India. It is a unique and creative programmed meant for young student with managerial and leadership aspirations. 

In HR and Finance internship Yoshops will be provide to sit with investment advisors to learn client negotiation, with brokers to learn security selling and order execution and maintain records, do data entry, follow portfolio and audits, handle data maintenance and more.

For instance, you’ll be asked to contact customers and update their system data, review current account and share approved information with the customer.Sometimes interns also handle short-term projects.

Internship program is the right approach to get a job in Human Resource or Finance.  India is growing digitally everyday. The demand for Finance is growing big every day. With more and more users coming online, the demand for digital.


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