3 Wheeled Scooter For Kids

3 Wheeled Scooter For Kids

Product Detail
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Age:  4-12 Years
Color: Mix Color
Material: Plastic
Product Dimension (In CM): 55x15x65 (LxBxH)

Product Decription 
Yoshops.com proudly presents its wide range of runner scooters. It is exclusively made for your little ones smooth ride. This stylish and trendy skate scooter will serve as an ideal playtime companion for your kids. Our Scooter features a steering bar. The scooter is lightweight;foldable and compact. Enhance flexibility and improve balance ability. This new  3-wheeler scooter is just the ride you may be looking for. You can also increase or decrease the length of the handle to suit your ride. Runs at great speed on smooth roads. It's an owner's pride. For children aged between 3 and 10. This a very good exercising and energizing machine.Completely fold able. Adjustable Height.

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