Fund and Fund Rising:

Yoshops is a marketplace in India for Personal Finance, Peer-to-Peer Lending, and Fundraising for Startups to turn into Commercial Ventures. We are here to help fund rising opportunities for social, movies, music, personal and creative causes.

Financial Product:

  • POST OFFICE SCHEME: List of Small Saving  Offer Good Return.

    Benefits: 0.2% Cash Back Per Scheme

    TAX Benefit 80C Scheme-  National Savings Certificate (NSC), Senior Citizen's Savings Scheme(SCS).


    Client: 180
  • NEW PENSION SCHEME: Plans Provide Financial Security Stability

    Benefits: 2% Cash Back Per Scheme

    TAX Benefit additional Rs.50,000/- under section 80CCD (1B),Retirement plan ensures  regular source of income.

    Client :126
  • LIC INSURANCE POLICY: TAX Benefit and Good Return.

    Benefits: 2% Cash Back Per Scheme

    TAX Benefit 80C and offers higher life coverage and  regular premium paying insurance plan & get all the benefits

    Client :78
  • IPO LOAN - Get Loan To Apply For IPO Through Us

    Benefits: Flat Rate of Rs.250 per Loan

    Loan available for investing in the stock market. Period  60 days maximum.

    Client:198    Loan Amount - ₹15000.00
  • Peer To Peer Investor: A Platform Investor Offers Loan to Startup company.Benefits: Interest Rate 1 % per month

    Apply for a term business loan for a Startup funded by a group of individual Investors.Client:156 Invest Amount- ₹5000.00

  • MODEL MUTUAL FUND: Ideal Mutual Fund For Every Pocket. 

    Benefits: Tax Benefit Under Sec 80C

    Well, research mutual fund designed for investors. The risk-adjusted return generated with no locking period.

    Client:176   Invest Amount - ₹5000.00

Become a Lender:

Yoshops Market Place provides a new asset class, an alternative investment option from stocks, bonds, mutual funds. The process is easy for a lender and gets more than a 16% return. Currently, we have 30+ Lender in our Community.

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Yoshops Zero Risks Policy:

Yoshops does not handle any borrower or lender money directly. Instead, Only RBI listed finance companies securely and conducts all financial transactions. Thus, there is no added risk to the lender. RBI Master Direction

Become a Borrower:

Whether it be a need for finance to expand your business or even a personal reason like renovating a home or consolidating credit card debt, various classes of borrowers now have access to affordable capital through Yoshops. 

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  • Project Detail:

  • Music Album
    JAGOO: Support for youth on Cultural Issue.

    by: Yoshops

    Jago is a Music Album that is at the pre-production stage. It depicts the influence of social media.

    Raised  ₹10000.00
  • Online Solution
    ONLINE INVOICE: Online Solutions for small business.

    by: Yoshops

    Online Invoice is a web portal site made for small businesses, Totally customized & fully Integrated with free accounting. 

    Raised  ₹5000.00
  •  Software Development
    BILLING MANAGER: Billing Software for Supermarket, Grocery.

    by: Yoshops

    Billing Manager is software for Retailer, Wholesaler, Supermarket, Grocery shop, Easy to install & generate an invoice.

    Raised  ₹20000.00

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