Business Analyst Training Internship With Real Time Project

Business Analyst Training Internship With Real Time Project

Data Analyst Internship & Training Program


Internship & Training Details:

Course Fee

 Rs.499 per month

Course Duration

1 Month 22 Class=20Hrs


Monday to Friday 6 PM

Training Modes



Internship Description:

Day by day the demand for Data Analytics is growing. This internship is intelligently dedicated to our passionate children, predominantly acknowledging and appreciating the very fact that they can start building their career in this advanced field. This training is meant to make sure that not only theoretical knowledge, children will gain sufficient hands-on practice in industry relevant tools and techniques related to data analytics.

There are countless benefits of Data Analyst internship. This internship offers fantastic mentor ship and networking opportunities. Your children will learn from professional data analyst, which makes your child ready for future jobs. Reading this text means you're already conscious of your child’s future, so let’s build their future together.


Syllabus of Business Analyst

  • Installation and Introduction to Power BI

  • Data cleaning and preparation

  • Basic Charts and visuals

  • Web scraping

  • Data Modelling

  • Basic DAX functions

  • Basic Python

  • Basics of MySQL

  • Basics of Machine Learning

  • Role of Statistics in managing dataset

  • Creating Dashboards and Reports

  • Cultivating Problem Solving Skill

  • Business Statistics

  • Business Communication

  • Communication Strategy and Plan to deal with clients and customers

  • Communicating effectively with multiple audiences

  • Financial Accounting

  • Management Accounting

  • Business Case Simulation

7,845.00 499.00