Candytech SPEEDO Dual USB Charger with 2.6 Amp Power

Candytech SPEEDO Dual USB Charger with 2.6 Amp Power

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Product Detail:

Brand: Candytech

Manufacturer N.B Communication Pvt Ltd

Package Dimensions 20 x 10 x 8 cm; 45 Grams

Item part number ctc8

Compatible devises Smartphones, Headphones

Mounting Hardware 1x Charger, 1x data cable

Batteries Required No

Number of Ports 2

Total USB Ports 2

Manufacturer N.B Communication Pvt Ltd

Item Weight 45 g

Product Description:

DUAL USB PORT: Now you'll charge two mobile devices using only one plug! Charging single device output 2.4A

UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: The USB Charger provides the liberty to use any Smartphone USB Cable with it.

CandyTech adaptor converts normal 220V AC output to 5V/2.4A Dual USB output.

Built-in smart IC, intelligently identify each connected device and supply fast charging.

You can easily charge your iOS & Android smartphones, power banks, mp3 players, iPad, wireless headphones, etc.

Safe and Efficient- BIS safety approved.

Built-in safeguards protect your devices against power surges, over-voltage, short circuits, or overcharging

It auto-detects the connected device's ratings and charges it at the fastest possible speed for that device

Made specifically for Indian sockets, this BIS Approved, this adaptor protects your device from over-heating, over-current, over-charging and also automatically stop charging when the battery is full

Slim & Compact and light-weight body (45 grams) takes up minimal space and appears elegant too

6-month replacement warranty

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