Diabolo Captain America Civil War Q Series Hyun Lights Upgraded Mini Drone Without Camera

Diabolo Captain America Civil War Q Series Hyun Lights Upgraded Mini Drone Without Camera

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Product Detail:

Brand  Marvel

Type: Remote Control Toys Accessories

Material: Carbon Fibber

Battery Operated, 1 Battery

Rechargeable Batteries

Width x Height: 27 inch x 65 inch

Function: 3D tumbling action, up, down, left, right, forward, backward, a key return, headless mode, 3d flips and rolls, 6 axis gyro.

 Product Description:

Features To get your child the realistic feeling regarding the operation of a helicopter, this toy has been imputed the features of a real-life copter. For openers, it can be driven to the left, right, forward and backward as well. Flying experience is heightened with its constitutional compass that will assist them to fly the toy. It will also help them to take decisions regarding directions regardless of whichever end of the toy fronts the chosen direction. Durable ABS plastic and fine quality metal make the accincart Drone Quadcopter Electronic Toy sturdy and long-lasting. In its lower housing part, the copter has been securely placed with colored LEDs that will emit light besides signaling its actual position. There is a transmitter with two separate buttons, one for filming footage and the other for shooting. Ideal For The Accincart Drone Quadcopter Electronic Toy designed by Accincart has been brought out for the young boys. It will suit the children age 12 years and above. As it requires the ability to learn and concentrate while operating a flying object it will be suitable for children in their formative years. Additional Features In terms of speed, there are 3 different modes available. It can be operated by both beginners as well as experienced children. Extremely user-friendly, the toy comes with an On/Off button for initial ignition.


Minimum Age: 3

Built-in 4 Axis,

stronger wind resistance and more stable,

for both indoor and outdoor flight Equipped with protective frame to reduce damages due to crash.

Camera - No ,

Flying Height - 40 Mtrs ,

Flying time: 6-8 Minute,

Weight - 0.2 Kg


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