Coaching Service

Coaching Service

Coaching  Services Detail:

Yoshops provide the chance for the teacher to start out their journey with Yoshops as a web Tutoralship. You can book this service for the role of “Online Personal Tutor“. 

Coaching  Services Description:

Become a web Tutor in Yoshops.com. It begins with a summary of how this process works then thoroughly explains the way to set about filling the small print of the web Personal Tutor, details of the gathering, attachments for content, and video attachments and call from yoshops office. For details on this process.


Job responsibilities:

1.Guiding students with their doubts and lesson plan over doubt class and live class with multiple communication channels.

2.Giving Live Class Monday to Friday 2hrs to students from class 1-STD to 8-STD at the CBSE board or ICSE board.

3.Conducting one-on-one online sessions for school kids across the pan India.

Job Location – PAN India

Job Title – Online Personal Tutor

Coaching Service  Details:

Toll-Free Number:+91-9080749858

Customer Care Number:+91-9438800284

Timings: Monday – Sunday: 9.00 AM – 8.00 PM

Email to Office: career@yoshops.com

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2,000.00 999.00