Country Chicken (Desi Murga) Eggs 6pcs(Berhampur)

Country Chicken (Desi Murga) Eggs 6pcs(Berhampur)

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Product Type: Country Chicken (Desi Murga) Eggs


Type: Non-Veg Raw Product

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Country Eggs from are 100% fresh and free range.Obtained from healthy country chickens raised during a natural environment,  The eggshell of a rustic Egg is its defining feature, because the shell colour could range between off-white and lightweight brown. In terms of nutrition, country eggs are considered to be healthier than other eggs as they are available from country chickens that aren't injected with artificial hormones. These eggs are rich in protein and vitamins and have a light taste. These eggs are ideal for curries or boiled-egg recipes. you'll now buy authentic Country Eggs online.

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