Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Class 2 valid for 2 Years with USB Device

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Class 2 valid for 2 Years with USB Device

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Signature Certificate
The signature certificate is corresponding to the signing private key. It will be used by individuals or organizations for signing purpose. The key pair will be generated by applicant/subscriber in a secure medium and is inherent to keep his private key in safe custody. The signature certificate is issued by Crtificate Digital after the validation process mentioned in the CPS. The relying parties can make use of this certificate for signature verification.
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Encryption Certificate
The encryption key pair is used by the subscriber for receiving encrypted messages which is encrypted using subscriber’s public key. The subscriber fills in the application and submits to eMudhra or it’s authorized RAs along with the identification and address proof. The RA verifies the application, id proof and address proof and approves the request. The Subscriber provides a password in the portal for protecting the encryption certificate. The server generates the encryption key, escrows and makes it available for the customer in the portal. The subscriber needs to login with the credentials sent to his digital id and download the encryption certificate from the portal.
SSL Server Certificate

SSL server certificates are digital identifications containing information about web server and the organization that is owning the server’s web content. An SSL server certificate enables users to authenticate the server, check the validity of web content, and establish a secure connection. Know More »
Code Signing Certificate
Code signing certificate helps user to develop confidence in downloaded code. It allows users to identify the signer to determine if codes have been modified by someone other than the signer. Signed codes can be Java Applets, Java scripts, plugins, ActiveX controls of any other kind of code.
Document Signer Certificate
The Document Signer Certificates are issued to organizational software applications for operating automatically to authenticate documents/information attributed to the organization by using Digital Signature applied on the document, documents/Information.
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