Franchise ESOP Program

Franchise ESOP Program

Program Details:


Franchise Cost


Number of Share available


Price of One Share


Minimum Investment Possible

₹500 (price of one share)

Moto of Franchise

Educating Students of India in the Field of Data Science & Analytics Under the Umbrella of yoshops.com

Training Modes (for students in franchise)

Online Classroom + Offline Classes

Amount earned by shareholder


Share of franchise profit proportional to the number of shares they have


Program Description:

Day by day the demand for Data Science & Analytics is increasing. Franchise of yoshops is dedicated to our passionate partners, who want to set up their own business through a noble motive of educating students. Here franchise owner will be trained by our data scientists in the field of data science and analytics, so that they can run their business in this field.


ESOP (Employee stock option plan) is a type of benefit that allows employees to buy shares of the company's stock. In simple words we can say that ESOP allows employee of a company to buy company's shares at discounted price. ESOP is a long-term employee benefit plan, made to motivate and reward employees of the company.

Yoshops is providing you an opportunity to be the part of franchise program through ESOP. Become our employee and earn long term benefits via Franchise ESOP Program of yoshops.com.

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