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Fresh Mushrooms Button 200gm (Berhampur)

Fresh Mushrooms Button 200gm (Berhampur)

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Product Detail:

Button mushroom includes a light flavor and an honest texture. Mushrooms create vitamin D when in the sunlight like humans. it's wealthy in vitamin D , and B-complex vitamin vitamins especially niacin, riboflavin & pantothen. it's a superb source of several minerals, especially selenium, potassium, copper & phosphorous. it's an honest basis of proteins and low in calories. Botton mushrooms are very small sized mushrooms with smooth round caps and short stems. they need a light flavor with an honest texture that becomes more fragrant and meaty when cooked. Button mushrooms boost our system. they need anticancer benefits. They contain good amounts of riboflavin which is important to take care of oral health. they're very low in calories and rich in fiber.

we are cultivators of Button mushroom in Berhampur , we supply the whole yearly as we cultivate under controlled condition throughout the year. kindly contact for all the year requirement.

Note: The product image shown is for representation purposes only, the actual product may vary supported season, produce & availability.

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