Fresh Paneer 500gm (Berhampur)

Fresh Paneer 500gm (Berhampur)

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Product Detail:
Local Fresh Paneer(Berhampur):
Fresh Paneer made by curdling milk using an acidic food ingredient like juice, vinegar, buttermilk, yogurt (curd) or acid. Paneer may be a soft yet firm, nonmelting Paneer that's made without using any quite rennet. it's also not fermented or aged like other forms of Paneer.
✓ it's fresh and free from preservatives
✓ we will make organic paneer reception using organic milk
✓ to not forget homemade paneer is soft & super delicious

Milky Mist Paneer - Premium Fresh
About the merchandise
Milky Mist may be a brand that's known for its various dairy products. The pure and protein-rich products are renowned for his or her top-quality goodness. Paneer may be a product which is additionally referred to as pot cheese. this is often a healthy foodstuff that's produced and marketed by Milky Mist.
Paneer or pot cheese is ready by curing and draining blanched milk. it's a superb source of nutrients like protein and calcium. The Premium Fresh paneer from the stable of Milky Mist is freed from preservatives and full of freshness. it's prepared in hygienic industrial set ups where high standards of production are followed.
Amul Malai Paneer
About the merchandise
Equivalent to Cream pot cheese.
Most convenient sort of paneer.
Rich in Proteins.
Pure and Hygienic.
Having high fat and low moisture compared to loose paneer available in the market. Paneer having smooth: uniform texture and softness.
Ingredients: Milk Solids: acid
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