KIPSTA GYM Football Duffle Bag with Ki pocket 20 Litre (Blue)

KIPSTA GYM Football Duffle Bag with Ki pocket 20 Litre (Blue)

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Product Detail:
Gender:  UNISEX     
VOLUME: 20 liters.
COMPARTMENTS:3 compartments. 1 main pocket, 1 side pocket, and 1 for personal belongings
DURABILITY:Material that is resistant to weight and abrasion. Lab tested.
COMPACT DESIGN:Bag folds away into its side pocket. (folded bag = 30*25*10cm)
CONTENT VENTILATION:Ventilation eyelets for ventilating belongings.
Product Description:
Carrying and storing equipment (also great for other sports). Folds down small into one of its own pockets.Don't know where to store your bag once you've used it? We have designed the compact, durable pickpocket bag that folds up into its side pocket for easier storage at home.

Design It was after observing sports users that we developed this Ki pocket sports bag. We have equipped it with a boot compartment that is separate from the rest of your equipment because we understand the numerous difficulties you face each time you pack your sports bag. We also designed this bag to fold into itself so that you can take it anywhere and easily store it once you return home.
Dimensions and weight.Bag when folded 30 x 25 x 10cm Bag when unfolded 50 x 29 x 27cm 500 g
Lab tests.This bag has been tested for tear and abrasion resistance. These tests are carried out regularly by different labs to ensure that our quality standards are met throughout the design process.
Storage advice Store this bag in a dry place. Empty it regularly to avoid unpleasant odors.
Tested by Jerk test (repeated stress to check ability to withstand weight), tensile strength test on the fabric and assembly
Composition Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Lining : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Coating : 100.0% Polyurethane - Coating


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