Mutton Chops Special(kasha) 1kg(Berhampur)

Mutton Chops Special(kasha) 1kg(Berhampur)

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Shop Location: AKBAR Mutton Shop, Shanti Nagar, Brahmapur
Buy Mutton Chops Special(kashi) 1kgat price Rs.699 from Yoshops.com

Product Detail:
  • Daily Fresh Mutton is employed, not frozen or old meat.
  • Premium quality 
  • Tender Meat 
  • Processed and packed under strict hygienic conditions. 
  • No Use of chemical preservative
  • Small Size Goat 10 to 12 Kg for the simplest meat
  • Mutton humanely raised during a restricted, controlled disease-free environment
  • Hygienically packed
  • Artisanal butchery for optimum taste
  • Net weight of prepped meat only
  • Free Home Delivery 
Product Description:
Yoshops team is actively engaged in offering a qualitative range of Mutton Piece for catering to the diversified requirements of our clients. A meal is incomplete without mutton curry with rice or paranthas. Halal Food mutton curry cut is Halal and nutritious, fresh and packaged with Hygiene. Buy Fresh Mutton Chops Special(Kashi) at the best price of Rs.699/1kg from Akbar Meat Shop. Also, find The Mutton Chops which is the ribs region of the Goat. Very tasty meat of the lamb body can be considered as the mutton chops. Mutton chops are slow-cooked in luscious gravy which helps mutton pieces to become more tender. Freshly chopped Mutton chops directly delivered to your doorstep within a short period of time.you'll make several dishes like Indian curry, biryani, korma, and nihari. Halal Foods recommends you cook the mutton in low heat (Slowly) in dum style because it helps in retaining its flavor moisture and makes it extremely delicious..Mutton is popular in most of the household. it's treated as a delicacy and is ready on several joyous occasions. The juicy taste and therefore the chewy texture make it a favorite among many. Moreover, they are available with tons of health benefits. it's full of protein, saturated fat, iron, zinc, and B vitamins. Mutton helps in building a robust system. It also helps to create bones and muscles. Mutton curry is enjoyed in most of the homes. Fresh Mutton curry cut is carved into perfect pieces to offer you the perfect portion for your curries. These scrumptious mutton pieces are available 15-20 in numbers which are perfect for 4-6 people. 

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