Olifair Charcoal Whitening Soap 120 gm(Riya Fruity Soap Free)

Olifair Charcoal Whitening Soap 120 gm(Riya Fruity Soap Free)

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Product Details:

Brand: Olifair

Name: Charcoal  Whitening Soap (Pack of 2)

Quantity:120 g

Pack of 1

Organic: Yes

Organic Anti-septic Soap

Skin Friendly

Use For: Men,Women

Skin Type: All Skin Types

Maximum Shelf Life:24 Months

Application Area: Body

Composition: Glycerine, Saponified, coconut, palm corn derived humectants, saffron, chlorophyllin- charcoal complex

Colour: Black

Type: Anti-septic Soap

Fragrance: Charcoal 

Included Items: 1 Charcoal Soap


Product Description:

  • Deep cleanses skin pores
  • Controls oil & removes dirt
  • Provides natural glow
  • Leaves skin clean & clear 
Olifair Charcoal Whitening Soap is an efficient skin care and whitening bar that does far more than clean. it's lavish with ingredients that deeply look after and lighten skin while supplying you with a delicious, cleansing. 
Olifair Charcoal Whitening Soap feels wonderfully luxurious, you will see the brightening, softening, and renewing results within days of your first use. Fragrance: charcoal, coconut, jojoba for all Skin Types Men, Women, Boys, Girls body soap.
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