Preethi Turbo Chop Chopper

Preethi Turbo Chop Chopper

Product Detail:

·         Brand: Preethi

·         Colour: White

·         Capacity: 0.7L

·         Performance: 450W

·         Material: Plastic body with stainless steel blades

·         One-press chopper for easy use

·         Transparent bowl

·         Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 Year


Product Description:

Cooking can be much faster and easier if you can skip that extra time chopping vegetables. The Preethi Turbo Chop CH 601 chopper chops veggies in seconds, to have your ingredients ready to cook in no time. It operates on a high power of 450W to render efficiency. The sharp stainless steel blades help in chopping the ingredients uniformly and evenly. The Preethi CH 601 chopper holds a capacity of about 0.7L which is more than adequate for everyday cooking. Moreover, it is easy to clean and maintain. The chopper comes with a transparent bowl for you to check if the ingredients are chopped to your satisfaction.

A Great Utility

Besides saving precious time chopping and mincing, this convenient chopper helps you present your food in a decorative manner. Garnish your dishes with finely-minced coriander leaves, add fresh herbs to soup or finely grated nuts to porridge, with ease. Your salads will look delightful with the evenly chopped beetroot, cabbage or onions from this 450 watts chopper from Preethi. The Preethi Turbo chopper is easy to use; you can simply mince small quantities of foods with a quick press on the top of the chopper. This little gadget in white is great for the multitasking chef in you.

From the Manufacturer

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450 Watt motor

Turbo Chop is any women’s kitchen companion. It can chop, make chutney, make dips or grind nuts in seconds. Meat mincing can be done in a minute.

Compact with 0.7 L Bowl

Turbo Chop comes with a 0.7 L capacity SAN bowl that helps you to see through for assessing the consistency while working. The capacity of the bowl is larger compared to the regular chutney jar of a mixer grinder allowing you to make considerably larger quantities, yet occupying only one-fourth of a mixer grinder space.

One Touch Operation

Turbo Chop can be operated with a light press on the top with fingers. It eliminates the hassle of knob operation, and automatically stops once the fingers are taken off.

Shock Proof

Stay safe always with Preethi appliances. Turbo Chop comes with shock proof ABS body and SAN bowl. Also, Turbo Chop comes with a thermal overload protector that will switch off the appliance automatically in the event of overload.


Every Preethi appliance comes with the assurance of the highest quality and superior performance. As you become a part of the Preethi family, you will enjoy a 1 year warranty with life long free service.

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