Combo pack Toys Savoir Robot and Barbie doll

Combo pack Toys Savoir Robot and Barbie doll

Product Detail:

  • Product Type:Barbie doll and Savior Robot Combo Pack
  • Multi-Function Musical Robot With Colorful Spinning Lights.
  • This Robot Arms can Swing Up and Down
  • Color: Multi-Color
  • Item Barbie doll Dimensions 25.4 x 5.7 x 32.4 cm
  • Made of High-Quality ABS Plastic. Please Insert 4 AA-size batteries.

Product Description:

Savior Multifunctional Robot with Colourful Lights, Missile Shooting for Kids. The robot can walk, talk, clear sound effect, Full Music, can throw bullets made of soft rubber (harmless), hands move up-down, and there is a turning light like a fan.Barbie doll’s look simply by changing her hair. Barbie doll comes with lots of glam accessories to create a new do with ease


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