UBON Audiohive NECKBAND Wireless Bluetooth Headphone(Black)

UBON Audiohive NECKBAND Wireless Bluetooth Headphone(Black)

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Product Detail:

  • Brand UBON
  • Type Neckband
  • With or Without Mic With Mic
  • Bluetooth Yes
  • Functionality Sports
  • Wired or Wireless Wireless
  • Earphones Model Name CL-120 Audiohive
  • Compatibility All
  • WiFi No
  • Colour Black
  • Hardware Platform Laptop, MP3 Player, PC, Tablet, Smartphone
  • Special Features Neckband, In-ear
  • Microphone Form Factor In-Line
  • Headphones Form Factor In Ear
  • Batteries Required No
  • Connector Type Wired
  • Manufacturer UBON
  • Item Weight 90 g

Product Description:

UBON CL-120 Amazing bass, latest Bluetooth and Smart in-line controls with a high ?delity microphone, enables convenient remote controlled music and phone calls. High Capacity built-in lithium batteries support up to 7-8 hours talk / music time with battery indicator on iOS and Android. Symmetrical balance and Ergonomics design ensure a secure comfortable ?t. This headset has IPX5 rating and may withstand sweat, splashes and wet weather , enhancing the headphone's using life. Using magnetic latch, secure it around your neck when not in use. : Compatible with most smartphones and other devices, including iOS, Android device, MP3 and MP4 music players, etc.

UNIVERSAL 3.5 MM NECKBAND EARPHONE WITH MICROPHONE: Ubon EP-75 Champ 10mml Driver Earphone is meant to supply a transparent , natural & bass-rich sound for an ultimate audio listening experience. Featuring anti-slip finish and sturdy cable, it's designed for enhanced audio listening comfort in almost any environment.

IN-LINE CONTROL: Made with flexible and tangle free cable, the offered 3.5 mm neckband earphone features a microphone for hands-free calling & universal plug n play feature. Multifunction button to Play / Pause Music, Answers / Reject / End Phone Calls & Activate Voice Control Assistance.

10MM DRIVER ENHANCED SOUND: Ubon in-ear Earphone is provided with technically-advanced 10mm stereo drivers, providing you with high-quality pure stereo audio output with explosive bass, clear midrange & balanced treble.

STYLISH DESIGN: The offered universal 3.5mm earphone is formed in neckband design along side a strong body to supply premium quality audio listening experience with its in-ear earbud design. Perfect for putting round the neck without fear about the slippage during exercise, sports, outdoors, and regular use.

UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Boasting clean bass, mid and treble, the offered High Bass 3.5 mm Earphones with In-ear ear buds is compatible with all smartphones, Laptop, Computer, PC, Consoles, Sport MP3 Player, Ultrabook, Table, PDA, Notebook, Music players, tablets

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