UBON CONCH Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

UBON CONCH Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Product Detail:

  • Model Number:UBON™ CP-008 | 2.0 Conch Twins Speaker | White |
  • Type:Laptop/Desktop Speaker
  • Bluetooth:No
  • Memory Card Slot:No
  • Configuration:4.1
  • Power Source: Hot-plug without software driver, A computer with an audio output, Computer sound card, Computer USB or 1,1 jack Power Output (RMS):6 W
  • Frequency Response:90Hz-20KHz
  • Impedance:4 Ohm
  • Color: White
  • Wired/Wireless:Wired
  • Built-in Fm Radio:No
  • Outdoor Usage:No
  • Headphone Jack: No
  • Configuration:4.1 Channel
  • Compatible Devices: Aux cable-supported
  • Connector Type: Computer USB or 1.1 mm jack
  • Cable Length:136 m
  • Technology:Aux cable connector device
  • Controls: Volume remote Support
  • Separation:>=70dB
  • Power Input: Up to five 
  • Coverage Pattern: Conch shape
  • Other System Requirements: Computer & Laptop Required
  • Other Features: Super bass

Product Description:

The remarkable results of technologies that produce balanced stereo sound over a good area. Experience consistent coverage that's unmatched by most conventional speakers that radiate sound into space in a single direction. This technology allows you to enjoy room-filling music from speakers designed for higher durability, greater efficiency and superior power handling.

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