Vmax Voyager HX756 Drones Without Camera

Vmax Voyager HX756 Drones Without Camera

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Product Detail:

  • 6 Channel Remote Controlled
  • 6 Axis 2.4 Ghz Drone Quadcopter with Built-in Gyro
  • More than 20 mins of flying time in one charge
  • 2 Spare blades

Can Perform Plethora of Functions Like Go Up/Down ,Turn Left/Right ,Left & Right Side Flight ,Controllable Flight,Side ward 360 Degrees Eversion (complete 360 Degrees continuous Roll)

Has a 4 Rotor Design with 6 Axis Gyroscope for super Wind Performance

Also contains Blade Protection Device to prevent blades from Damage

Can fly up to 25 meters

Colorful Flashing Lights

Product Description:

Voyager Drone 6 Axis Gyro 2.4G 6Ch Rc Quadcopter 360 Degree Rollover Aircraft Helicopter Drone (Color Black & White) Voyager Drone 6 - Axis Gyro Quad - Rotor Aircraft Flight, Strong Stability, Easily Implement Various Flight Movements, Stronger Wind Resistance, Easier To Control. 2.4G Technology Adopted For Anti-Interference, More Copters Flying At The Same Time Can Not Interfere With Each Other Led Night Lights, It Is Also Suitable For Night Flight With Cf Mode, It Can Come Back Easily In Any Direction One Press Automatic You Will Never Be Worry About Missing It.
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