Swedish Diffuser 240ml Chic Euro Design for Home Décor

Swedish Diffuser 240ml Chic Euro Design for Home Décor

Product Detail:

• Power fittings are suitable for brand spanking new Zealand power sources, although some models are USB powered.

• Dimension – 8cm tall x 17cm diameter.

• No heat is produced, deactivates on water runout.

• Diffuser units produce no heat in the least and are perfectly safe to use around young children and animals.

• Diffusers switch themselves off when the water chamber is empty, and run hours on one small tank.

• Essential oil or aroma oil scent delivery is extremely efficient.

• Our diffusers deliver an excellent smelling home with negative ions and a discount of airborne bacteria.

• Water chambers and plastic components from all our diffusers are BPA free plastic.

Product Description:

Cool vapors volatile oil diffuser also can assist with reducing airborne bacteria, and thus can improve household health generally, helping to avoid coughs and colds. These diffusers are excellent in nurseries or around young children or pregnant women, but if using essential oils, please halve the quantity of recommended oil drops during this situation.

When using essential oils, we recommend 5 – 8 drops per water chamber. If using aroma oils, please use just one or two drops. Balbo Aroma Oils are premium grade and are very potent. Aroma oils contain a mix of essential and artificial oils and usually deliver a more true scent than essential oils – which by definition must be only natural essences.

Set and forget diffuser in the top quality diffuser – we call this one the Swedish Diffuser it had been actually designed in Sweden by a Swedish designer – and you'll tell!

Swedish design features a classic European look, quite different to anything within the market & comes in two sizes (this is that the larger of the two) – this product is exclusive to Balibar.

The Swedish Diffuser is super elegant and quite different in design. It’s a really classy looking quality product. 250ml water chamber provides up to eight hours of mist. Top light and half-light allow you to line precisely the mood.

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